The Practical Software Project Management blog.

Why practical Software project management?

Project management is a broad field with many defined standard processes, templates and guidelines. Software project management is a branch of project management that has specific processes and templates that are specific to software development. So what is Practical software project management and why I address in this blog? The practical part I am addressing here is how the project manager can practically handle his day to day activities and is not related to any underlying processes or standards.

I have been working in the software development field for more than 20 years, with more than 10 years in software project management positions. I’ve found through the years that most project managers will focus on learning standard processes and searching for templates without learning how to practically manage regular tasks that face most project manager. I am trying to address in this blog those issues that cause real headaches to a lot of project managers. I hope this will be of benefit for all. So, let’s start the journey.


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